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Our Team

Key Staff

Forest of Dean Railway Limited

Overall strategic management of the railway
Interim Chairman / Development Director – Adam Dickinson
Finance Director – Cecile Hunt
Commercial Director – Tim McLennan
Health & Safety Director – John Clarke
Society Appointed Directors – Robert Harris & Alastair Clarke
Stately Albion Appointed Directors – Robert Morris
Company Secretary – Malcolm Harding
Minutes Secretary – Wallace Barnett

Dean Forest Railway Company

The day to day running of the railway
Co-Chairs – Alastair Clarke, Adam Dickinson & Tim McLennan
Operations Director – Alastair Clarke
Finance Director – Cecile Hunt
Commercial Director – Tim McLennan
Director of Civil Engineering – vacant
Lineside Director – Chris Bull
Chief Mechanical Engineer – Adam Dickinson (interim)
Permanent Way – Alex Davies
Carriage & Wagon – John Clarke
Signal & Telegraph – Steve Harris
Electrical – vacant
Telecoms – Rick Gillingham
Society and Rostering – Adam Williams

Dean Forest Railway Society

Registered Charity 1183538
Membership and fundraising for the railway

Chairman – Alastair Clarke
Vice-Chairman – James Graham
Treasurer – Tim McLennan
Hon Secretary – Sue Williams
Membership Secretary – Adam Williams
Committee members- Robert Harris, Ian Pope, Daniel Winter, David Churton, Adrian Copley

Dean Forest Railway Museum Trust

Registered Charity 1178157
Chairman – Ian Pope
Honorary Curator – John Metherall

Full Time Staff

General Manager – Peggy Römer
Commercial Manager – James Graham
Cafe Supervisor & Finance Assistant – Pat Graham
Administrative Assistant – Teresa Hudson