Murder Mystery on a Steam Train

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+

All Aboard the Dean Forest Railway to Crack the Case!

Journey details

Your evening starts at Norchard Station at 18:00, when you are introduced to your suspects before traveling in style on board our steam train, with a two-course meal served on board while you crack the case! The evening will conclude at approximately 21:00.

Choose Your Date and Case

June 27th – Murder on the Disoriented Express

a can of soda

It’s time to get on board the night train to murder at the second annual Hercule Poirot look-alike competition. Someone has let their little grey cells go to their head as last year’s winner is discovered dead, and it’s up to you to discover which one of the dapper detective’s doppelgängers did the deed.

You don’t have to look like the Belgium detective, but you’re certainly going to have to think like him if you’re going to solve this confounding crime and be crowned super sleuth of the night!

October 10th – Sherlock Holmes

When the world’s greatest detective receives an invitation to a murder, he realizes that the criminal may be someone closer than he ever imagined. In fact, it could just be Sherlock himself! Can you untangle the villain’s riddle and solve this crime before the killer escapes justice forever?

Question the suspects, examine the evidence and uncover the truth as the game is definitely afoot!