Steam & Additional Train Day Rover

Date: 27th Jul to 1st Sep - every weekend

Book NowAt our busy summer weekends, enjoy a special two-train service, with one of our steam locomotives running alongside either a second steam service, a heritage mainline diesel service or a heritage diesel railcar service - details on each running day will be available closer to the day.

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing journey along the Dean Forest Railway behind one of our steam locomotives (bold times in the timetable below), delighting in the sounds of smells of the steam that invoke memories of days gone by.

5541 "The Forest Prairie" at Upper Forge by Adrian Copley

As well as enjoying a ride on board a second train, be that steam or diesel (italic times in the timetable below).

D9555, Class 14 "Teddy Bear", at the abutment north of Norchard by Adrian Copley

If you're looking for a little something extra special you could book a "Cream Tea & Steam Train Experience" (available on all red, yellow and purple days). Click here to find out more.

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